Z-Machine Interpreters Text Adventures

An I/O library used to make interpreters more portable. You need this if your interpreter says it requires Glk.

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See Also:
  • ZBurin for Cybiko - Preliminary screenshots of a z-code interpreter for the interpreters Cybiko.
  • Jzip Development - Open Source Z-code interpreter for UNIX, DOS, OS/2, Atari ST text adventures and other machines.
  • Viola - An interpreter written in Python.
  • Zoom - ZMachine for UNIX and XWindows or MS Windows.
  • Yahoo Groups: ZBurin-IF - A group for discussion of the upcoming ZBurin text adventures interactive fiction game playing system for the Cybiko text adventures handheld computer.
  • Revenge of the Z-Machine - A z-machine interpreter in Java.
  • Malyon - A Z-Machine interpreter for GNU Emacs. May be useful combined z-machine with the Emacs Inform major mode.
  • Nitfol - An interpreter intended for debugging. Includes auto-map feature, and debugging (cheat) verbs. Requires Glk for I/O.
  • Gnusto - Z-machine interpreter for Mozilla
  • Glk - An I/O library used to make interpreters more interpreters portable. You z-machine need this if your interpreter says interpreters it requires Glk.
  • ZipCE - A Z machine interpreter for Windows CE.
  • Z9K - Z-code Interpreter for the Nokia Communicator.

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