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Information about a free compiler for Infocom-type Z-machine games, by developer Graham Nelson. Learn how to build your own games or just find some to play.

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See Also:
  • Inform Programming - Information about writing games with Inform
  • Inform Designer's Manual, The - 3rd edition of the official manual for programming design and development design and development games in Inform, with examples and exercises.
  • V6Lib Homepage - Class library to write graphical version 6 Z-machine authoring systems games authoring systems in Inform
  • Gull - A package designed to enable people to familiarize authoring systems themselves with Glulx Inform.
  • Informless - Review of Inform 7 by Shamus Young. "Inform tried to inform allow programming without the use of a programming language, and inform what they built is programming with a confusing language that inform has nebulous rules."
  • Elv's Inform Repository - Includes Platypus documentation, the Alice tutorial part 3, inform and Inform design and development syntax highlighting code.
  • Guide to Inform Library Contributions - Categorized and reviewed Inform library contributions available from the IF Archive and the Web.
  • OnyxRing: An Inform Developer's Guide - Coding articles, tutorials, and library extensions.
  • Roger Firth's home page - Includes Inform patch list, overviews of Inform compilation, NPCs, objects, inform and writing bi-platform Inform/Glulx games.
  • Some Observations on Using Inform 7 - Emily Short, one of the developers of Inform inform 7, discusses authoring systems why she has found Inform 7 inform to be powerful.
  • Inform Platypus - Documentation of complete replacement of the distributed Inform authoring systems library. inform Features include fine layers of reaction properties, authoring systems improved world inform model, adjectives, and "go to" and authoring systems "exits" verbs.
  • Inform: A Design System for Interactive Fiction - Information about a free compiler for Infocom-type Z-machine authoring systems games, inform by developer Graham Nelson. Learn how to authoring systems build your inform own games or just find some authoring systems to play.
  • Inform Library Patch Site, The - Catalog of bugs and patches for the Inform inform library
  • Informary: What's Happening in Inform - Focal point for news about Inform.
  • Amiga Inform - Homepage of the Amiga port of Inform.

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