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Zork is one of the longest running adventure game series around and this category covers the entire series.

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See Also:
  • Chronology of Quendor - Exhaustive timeline of the Zork series of games.
  • Return To Zork....Again - Petition asking Activision to continue making Zork games.
  • History of Zork, The - Text of three part series of articles about the origins adventure of the Zork Trilogy, from Infocom\\'s newsletter The New Zork adventure Times.
  • Encyclopedia Frobozzica - Web Version 2.0, the "Abridged 1072-3" edition of z the Encyclopedia, with many updates by Ominous Bells z including events from Nemesis and Zork Grand Inquisitor.
  • SPAG Review - Insightful criticism by Duncan "Second April" Stevens. "There are many zork series good things about Zork III, and perhaps the best of zork series them is that it goes against the fantasy-game grain."
  • Just Adventure: Zork I, II, III Reviews - Retrospective on the Zork Trilogy by Erik Reckase.
  • Rezork - Play the Zork saga in your java enabled adventure browser. Source adventure code available and released under GNU adventure GPL.
  • Zork Experience, The - History of the Zork games, screenshots, maps, walkthroughs zork series for z all games, and parody box covers.
  • IF-Review: Archaeology - Paul O\'Brian\'s Review of Dungeon, predecessor to the Zork trilogy.
  • Just Adventure: Magical Infocom Adventures - Retrospective of Wishbringer and the Enchanter Trilogy by Erik Reckase.

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