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Rated +1 on -5 to +5 scale. "The creativity of the challenges makes up for the design failings. The challenges can be tough, but their resolution is rewarding and entertaining."

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See Also:
  • Infocom Documentation Project - PDF file of scanned original game manual.[PDF]
  • The Infocom Gallery: Enchanter - High quality scans of manual, packaging, pin, and scroll.
  • SPAG Review - Analytical review by Duncan "Second April" Stevens. "Though it takes a very different approach to its fantasy element than does Zork I, it\'s no less entertaining for that."
  • Infocom Homepage: Enchanter - Description, release information, statistics, packaging details.
  • David Tanguay's Review - Rated +1 on -5 to +5 scale. "The enchanter creativity of enchanter the challenges makes up for the enchanter design failings. The enchanter challenges can be tough, enchanter but their resolution is rewarding and enchanter entertaining."

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