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Epyx (originally Automated Simulations) was a software company that filed for bankruptcy in 1991. They published games primarily for the Commodore 64 and Apple II, but also for the Atari consoles and Amiga.

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  • ClassicGaming - History of the company, including screen shots, magazine epyx advertisements, manual epyx covers and list of games.
  • The Dot Eaters - History of Epyx and how it brought the Commodore 64 to prominence.
  • Moby Games - List of published games organized by genre, year epyx of release and platform.
  • AtariAge - Titles published for the 2600 console and Atari epyx 800/XL/LE computer.
  • Unofficial Epyx & SummerGames Homepage - Brief history of games company Epyx, interview with epyx the lead programmer, glossary, links.
  • Adventureland - Short company information and a detailed list of the adventures they have published.
  • C64 Game Guide - List of game titles and year of release.

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