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Rogue inspired an entire genre of games collectively known as roguelikes, and many credit it as providing the foundation upon which all later screen-oriented roleplaying games were built. First distributed in 1980, Rogue and its derivates continue to attract gamers and developers alike. Popular derivatives include Ultimate Rogue (URogue), Super Rogue (SRogue), and Advanced Rogue (ARogue). Developers have ported the original to a wide array of platforms; notable ports include iRogue, KRogue, and zRogue. A rarity for games of this genre, Rogue has even seen commercial distribution.

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See Also:
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  • Rogue Buffer Overflow - Identifies security flaw in save routine and offers an unofficial patch.
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  • Tril's Rogue Stuff - Linux patch to rogue985 sources and DOS executable.
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  • Epyx Rogue Instruction Manual - Complete reproduction of original documentation for the IBM roleplaying PC and PCjr.
  • Rogue Clone IV - Formerly known as DOS Rogue Clone. Source and executables for rogue-like DOS and Windows.
  • Google Groups - - Threaded archive of Usenet posts. (Discontinued November 1986)
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  • World of Spectrum - Rogue - Coverage of ZX Spectrum version. Executable files, screenshots, roleplaying and related information.
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  • Google Groups - - Threaded archive of Usenet posts. (Discontinued September 1994)
  • MobyGames - Rogue: The Adventure Game - Production notes, cover art, screenshots, and ad blurbs rogue for Epyx MS-DOS release.
  • Rog-O-Matic - A Belligerent Expert System - Presents features, architecture, and performance relative to human rogue-like players. (May rogue-like 16, 1984)
  • Roguedump - Decrypts and output scorefile for rogue985. Overview and rogue source.
  • A Brief History of Rogue - Glenn R. Wichman\\'s firsthand account of Rogue\\'s origins and collected roleplaying remarks from players.
  • Rogue Darwin - Basic port to OS X. Source and executable available.

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