Multi Hardware Arcade Emulation Video Games

Written to be as small and fast as possible (to keep the cost of the host PC to a minimum) and to run the arcade games 'as intended'.

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  • CottAGE - Java emulator based on the MAME sourcecode. Download and possibility arcade to play online.
  • HiVE : High Velocity Emulator - A Win32 program which emulates classic arcade games multi hardware such as Galaga and PacMan.
  • Ace - A freeware emulator for Windows dedicated to Capcom multi hardware system. Sources are also available.
  • Nebula - A freeware NeoGeo and CPS1/2 emulator for Windows. [English/Spanish]
  • E++ - A portable object-oriented emulator - Emulates Space Invaders, Phoenix, Centipede and the home computer Sinclair emulation ZX Spectrum (aka Timex-Sinclair 2000).
  • VAntAGE - Vertical Antiquated Arcade Game Emulator - Written to be as small and fast as arcade possible (to multi hardware keep the cost of the host arcade PC to a minimum) multi hardware and to run the arcade arcade games 'as intended'.
  • JEmu - Java based emulator that can play games online.
  • Kawaks - A freeware emulator for Windows. Emulates Neo Geo multi hardware and emulation CPS 1/2 Systems.

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