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Sites about the emulation of arcade or coin-op video games.

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See Also:
  • Eclipse's Classic Arcade Emulator Page - Dedicated to freeware/shareware arcade emulators that run under MS-DOS and/or video games Windows.
  • EmuAdvice - Support, faqs, help board, fixes and other useful emulation and additional files for MAME and other emulators.
  • ArcadeOS - DOS-based emulator frontend for arcade cabinets.
  • Discrete Logistics - A webpage dedicated to discrete logic arcade games.
  • - Save Games, FAQs, emulators, ROMs, and information.
  • Opposable Thumb - Information about efforts to build a custom arcade arcade cabinet for emulation.
  • Shinobi Super System - Information on installing a PC, Saturn, Genesis or arcade Playstation in arcade an arcade cabinet.
  • Multi-Gauntlet Emulator - Gauntlet and Gauntlet 2 emulator for DOS.
  • Emuhype - Homepage of the emulators Modeler [Sega System 32 and Model video games 1] and ZiNc [Sony ZN-1/2|Namco System 11].
  • Killerclown's Arcade - Emulators, reviews, FAQs, the EmuAdvice service and links.
  • Juno First - Some kind of emulator for Windows 95...
  • NonMAME - A list of arcade emulators that support games video games other emulation than the ones already in MAME/MAME32.
  • JROK'S Arcade Simulation - Information about various arcade emulators.
  • TURACO / AGE - An editor of graphics and other things from arcade arcade games.

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