Single Hardware Arcade Emulation Video Games

This category is for emulators that only emulate a single arcade hardware. Often several games run on the same hardware and these emulators can run them.

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  • Laser - Little Arcade System Emulator Releases - An open source 8080 hardware emulator for DOS, emulation Linux/SDL, and single hardware Windows.
  • Sideway - A freeware Midway8080 emulator (Seawolf, Boothill, Gunfight, Space arcade invaders...) for single hardware DOS.
  • SIEmu - An open source 8080a emulator for Linux, MacOS X, and arcade Windows.
  • System 16 Emulator - An open source 680x0 using systems emulator for arcade DOS and single hardware Windows.
  • Galaxian Emulator - A Galaxian hardware emulator. Runs on DOS, Windows arcade 95 and single hardware Linux.
  • Daphne - An open source Laserdisc emulator for Linux, MacOS single hardware X, emulation and Windows 2000/XP.
  • The Cinematronics Emulator - Emulates Cinematronics games under DOS and Windows 95.

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