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  • CCC - Preview, by Amanda L. Kondolojy: "Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party looks like it is going to be a great title and will be another successful entry in this already-successful franchise."
  • Green Pixels - Review, by Elisa Di Fiore: "With its brilliant \\'60s-inspired art platform style and the rabbids\\' cute craziness permeating every aspect of platform it, Rayman TV Party is definitely a game to try." platform [Rating: 4 out of 5]
  • 1UP - Preview, by Matt Leone: "It\\'s great to see third-party developers platform embracing the Balance Board, and it seems like a good platform fit for the Raving Rabbids series. I\\'m not sure we platform need annual entries in this franchise, but I\\'m happy to platform see the new approach...
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  • VideoGamer.com - Review, by Tom Orry: "The mini-games here are platform far better rayman series than those in last year\\'s disappointing platform sequel and the Balance rayman series Board support gives it platform some unique novelty value. We\\'re still rayman series eager for platform a proper Rayman comeback, but for now we\\'ll rayman series platform let Ubisoft of

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