Minesweeper Puzzle Video Games

Java implementation with three levels of play, and an online hall of fame, which requires two games with a low time to emphasize skill over luck.

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See Also:
  • Wikipedia - Encyclopedia article on Minesweeper.
  • Crazy Minesweeper - Windows shareware implementation of Minesweeper and a new minesweeper variation in which new types of mines contribute minesweeper 2 or 3 to the number seen in minesweeper adjacent squares.
  • Lady Di's mines - Java Minesweeper dedicated to Diana Spencer, Princess of minesweeper Wales and video games her campaign to ban landmines. minesweeper Includes high scores.
  • Truffle-Swine Keeper - A minesweeper clone that includes an algorithm to video games compute minesweeper the probability that a mine is under video games a certain minesweeper field.
  • #1 MineSweeper - Java implementation with three levels of play, and an online puzzle hall of fame, which requires two games with a low puzzle time to emphasize skill over luck.
  • Planet Minesweeper - Includes advice, cheats, rankings, downloads, and a forum. [English and minesweeper French.]
  • The Minesweeper Handbook - This handbook teaches how to play better Minesweeper, video games taking puzzle you from the fundamentals through to advanced video games concepts.
  • Minesweeper for Atari VCS 2600 - Binary and source to a port of the Minesweeper game video games for the Atari VCS 2600.
  • MineSweeper3D - Windows implementation of minesweeper on the surface of a 3D minesweeper polyhedron, with challenging new tilings, and many boards to choose minesweeper from. World records maintained online using encrypted submission. minesweeper Built-in auto-solver. Demo version available.
  • Richard Kaye's Minesweeper Page - Papers about the computational complexity of Minesweeper, namely video games that minesweeper the usual game is NP-complete and that video games an infinite minesweeper variation is Turing-complete.
  • The Authoritative Minesweeper - World records at all 3 levels, a few minesweeper tips and video games cheats, and many links to software minesweeper and related pages.
  • Bomb Hunter - Commercial mobile-phone version of Minesweeper with new tools video games including probes and a radar.
  • Hexatron - Variation of Minesweeper with hexagonal grid. Java applet.
  • Programmer's Minesweeper - Java applet for testing computer strategies for playing minesweeper.
  • Dynamite Minesweeper (Dynamine) - A more continuous variation on minesweeper. Free video games Windows minesweeper 3.1 implementation.
  • Mines-Perfect - An improved minesweeper-clone that generates guaranteed-to-be-solvable puzzles (never guess anymore) and has a Murphy\\'s law option (guessing causes failure), more boards, sound, load, save, undo.

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