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Software primarily used to organize and view collections of chess games.

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Editor's Picks:

ExaChess 3.1.3* - [Shareware] Reads/writes chess game databases in ChessBase, NICBase, PGN, EPD and ExaChess formats. Supports seven "plug-in" chess engines. Updated August 2005.

  • Essentia - [Commercial-$20] 1 million chess games on CD-ROM, with macintosh included database macintosh browser, various freeware Mac chess software.
  • SCID - A free Unix chess database application that runs chess in OSX under the X11 environment. See "Mac chess Chess Databases" below for installation instructions.
  • Using UCI engines in Scid via Polyglot - How to use Mac UCI Chess engines ( databases Fruit, Gothmog, macintosh Glarung, HIARCS, Ruffian, Deep Sjeng) in databases SCID
  • PGNTalk - [Shareware] Reads chess databases in PGN format, lets macintosh you play chess over games. Will read the games macintosh out loud.
  • Chess Browser 1.43 - [Shareware $10] OSX (only) PGN reader with Yahoo macintosh chess import, chess HTML export, annotation editing. Updated 7/23/2005.
  • jose 1.4.4 - [Freeware] Java Chess Database for Mac OSX with macintosh 3D display macintosh and Crafty 19 engine. Updated Feb. macintosh 25, 2005.

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