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This category covers links to pages related to chess software for the Macintosh. This includes both home pages and download links for such software, but review pages as well. There are many types of chess software: chess-playing programs, chess database programs, chess publishing programs, chess interface programs, and more. The category itself is reserved for links to software whose primary purpose is to allow a Macintosh to play chess against a human. Other Macintosh chess-related software should fit in one of the subcategories.

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Sigma Chess 6.1.4 Lite* - [Freeware] Free Macintosh chess program has 3D set, prints games with diagrams, includes HIARCS 11 Lite, runs UCI chess engines. [ out Apr. 2, 2007]

  • MacUpdate: ChessKing 1.0 - ChessKing 1.0 - Challenge a friend to a chess game of chess.
  • Crafty Mac 18.08 text - [Freeware] Master strength chess engine, text interface only. board games Updated chess March 2001.
  • ChessPuzzle 2 - [Free] OS X Dashboard ChessPuzzle Widget [OS 10.4 macintosh required] with 6,000 puzzles and Sjeng chess engine
  • Glaurung and Scatha - [Freeware] UCI GUI with two engines: Glaurung (normal chess), Scatha chess (Glinski\'s hexagonal chess), requires OSX 10.3.9+, updated 7/13/2007
  • MacChess - chess on Mac - Lists software for Mac OS X, classic, X11 and pre-OS X. Includes information for compiling and configuring X11 and XBoard based applications.
  • j2chess 2.8 - [Freeware] Simple OS/X chess game / PGN viewer board games in board games Java. Updated March 2007
  • HIARCS 7.0 - [Commercial - $48] Macintosh OS9/Classic version of a former world champion chess program.
  • RChess 2.2.3 - [Freeware] Chess playing program with many easy levels board games for macintosh beginners to win against.
  • Crafty 14.11B - [Freeware] Version of Crafty with code added so board games that macintosh ExaChess can be used as a GUI board games interface and macintosh computer-computer umpire.
  • Screamer - [Freeware] Master strength program, also works as ExaChess engine.
  • HIARCS 11.0 - [Commercial $50/$100] Strongest Macintosh chess program, in UCI macintosh engine form for Mac OS/X. Single and multiprocessor macintosh versions. [Out Apr. 2, 2007]
  • Vanessa Chess 2.1.1 - [Freeware] This is a multi-document, multi-threaded chess application macintosh for Mac OS Classic PowerPCs ( Mac OS macintosh 8.6-9.2)
  • GNUChess - Freeware download, expert-strength Mac chess program.
  • Shredder - Commercial [ $30-$100] The Macintosh version of the 2005 World macintosh Computer Chess Blitz champion. Downloadable Demo, Universal bineary. Updated macintosh 2006.
  • Chessmaster 9000 Mac - [ $40 commercial] Grandmaster strength, many training features. OS chess X 10.2+ and DVD drive required. Released Dec. 2004.
  • Gambіt 1.01 - [Shareware $20] Mac OSX Front end to Crafty board games with board games PGN browser. Updated 12-13-05.
  • Vektor3.2.2 - [Shareware-$19] Voice command and voice output options, adapts board games to board games the user's strength. Exachess compatible. Requires OSX.
  • MacUpdate: ChessMate 6.3.5 - ChessMate 6.3.5 - Play chess against your computer chess or friend.

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