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  • ATPM: Mac Chess Downloads - Review of Sigma Chess Lite 5.12, Vanessa Chess macintosh 2.01, with tournament results.
  • Chess And Your Macintosh - This Mac Observer article discusses software for learning chess, playing reviews and previews chess over the internet, and free chess-playing programs.
  • Kasparov Chessmate - Inside Macintosh Games Review - 2 pp, 9 screenshots
  • More On Mac Chess - Discusses game collections, software, chess database, starting sites.
  • MacChess 4.0 Review - by The Game Guys in My Mac Online
  • ATPM Chess Roundup - Review/ratings of 5 free Macintosh chess programs: Sigma Chess(Excellent), reviews and previews MacChess (Very Nice), ChessWorks (Good), GNUChess (Okay), Vampire Chess (Rotten)

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