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The first article in a six-part series about programming computers to play chess, and by extension other similar strategy games of perfect information.

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See Also:
  • Computer Chess Programming - Page of chess programming links and documents. Also contains links board games to other turn-based game programming.
  • -- Chess Programming Part I: Getting Started - The first article in a six-part series about programming computers chess to play chess, and by extension other similar strategy games chess of perfect information.
  • Tim Mann's Chess Pages - Tim Mann\\'s chess pages, author of XBoard and programming WinBoard user chess interfaces.
  • The Anatomy of Chess Programs - An introduction to how computers play chess.
  • International Computer Games Association - Promotes computer chess programming, holds competitions with "computer" programming players, and board games publishes a quarterly journal.
  • Introduction to Chess Programming - Short and brief introduction to Chess programming, providing board games basic board games methods of how computers play chess.
  • The Beowulf Chess Engine Homepage - Beowulf Chess Engine was used in the world-record programming holding ChessBrain project. The instructive source code for programming the engine is open and free to download.
  • Geko Chess Engine - Chess engine for Winboard and Windows. Delphi source board games code programming is available and also includes a link board games page with programming chess programming documents.
  • Aristarch - Offers downloads of the free gaming engine.
  • Robert Hyatt's Home Page - High quality chess programming papers from the inventor of rotated board games bitboards and the author of Crafty, a popular open source board games chess engine.
  • TalkChess - Popular message board discussing anything and everything relating to Computer chess Chess Programming. Registration required.
  • Chessopolis: Computer Chess - 45 links to information on computer chess programming programming (bottom section chess of this web page)
  • Chess Tree Search - Chess Tree Search - More useful information regarding chess programming programming methods.
  • Computer Chess Programming Theory - Great site for programmers, contains quality information on various programming programming topics.
  • Article on BitBoards - Article about bitboards implemented in Java.
  • The Rebel Chess Program - Information about the Rebel chess program. Also includes a section programming on chess programming and theory.
  • ChessPatterns - Categorized links to chess programming resources, SSDF (Swedish chess Chess Computer Association) rating list.

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