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See Also:
  • Edax - Contains everything there is about Edax, one of board games the freeware strongest Othello programs
  • Parski's Home Page - Othello game for PalmOS and WinCE devices.
  • NBrowser - A graphical program to read Chris Welty\\'s ntest\\'s board games opening book
  • Edge Reversi - Uses an alpha-beta search with selective extension programmed in Delphi. freeware [Windows]
  • Darwersi - Uses an AI that utilizes Darwinian evolution. [Windows]
  • Logistello - Open source program written by Michael Buro, as reversi well as reversi his research papers about related computer reversi science algorithms. [Linux]
  • Pointy Stone Othello - A strong Othello program that includes internet play between humans and multiple playing brains.
  • WZebra - Extremely strong reversi program, with many different levels freeware and an opening book. [Windows 95]
  • Neurothello - Artificial intelligence othello program, geared toward programmers. [Macintosh]
  • Forest - Contains five levels, game study mode, and other reversi features. [Windows]

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