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Remove all the pegs except the last, which should be left in the center of the board. This Windows version includes a solution finder.

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  • Valvo - Board game for Windows in which you race downloads an opponent board games and try to block her good downloads moves by opening and board games closing valves.
  • Space Monopoly - A simple logical game of buying and selling board games shares. board games Requires Windows.
  • KhunPhan - Includes downloads, links, and introduction for a 3D downloads alignment game based on a Thai legend. Linux downloads and Windows versions are available.
  • Ludo - Customizable Windows version from India for up to free four players.
  • GNMM - Gnome version of Nine Men\\'s Morris with an downloads AI opponent, rule and board options, and support downloads for both console and GUI play. (Open Source, downloads GPL)
  • Automotive Conservation - Interactive game for Windows or Macintosh by Ford board games Motors to educate consumers about both environmental issues board games and automotive maintenance.
  • Mountain Vista Software - A battleship game. Contains screenshots and demo download. [Windows]
  • PegSol - Remove all the pegs except the last, which should be left in the center of the board. This Windows version includes a solution finder.
  • Batalla Naval - Networked, multiplayer battleship game for Gnome.
  • Shogi Variants - Windows program to play the Japanese member of downloads the chess downloads family of games or one of downloads 16 other ancient and downloads modern Shogi variants.
  • Qianhong Xiangqi - Includes screenshots and downloads. [Windows]
  • Dara - A Windows version of the African game of downloads Mancala.
  • Monopolie - Clone of the original board game Monopoly for downloads Windows. It includes property, chance, and community chest downloads cards as well as sound effects. [Open Source, downloads GPL]
  • Do'SSi Zo'la - One or two player opponent blocker for Windows free or Linux. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Expert Backgammon - Flexible backgammon game for Java with internet play board games and free computer analysis of moves.
  • Gipf for One - Network players on Linux or Windows introduce one piece into downloads play until achieving four-in-a-row. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Generic Universal Boardgame - Play almost any board game: backgammon and checkers free pieces are available or you can create your free own. (Requires Java 2)
  • HB Othello - The popular board game for Windows featuring computer opponents with multiple difficulty levels.
  • Happy End - Othello variant for Windows that allows you to play the free end games of thousands of real matches played by world-level free champions. Features several board designs and statistics reports.
  • Hex - A two player strategy board game for windows free in which the object is to connect two free sides of the board with your tiles.

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