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Impressions and ratings of EyeToy - Antigrav from various online sources. EyeToy - Antigrav is a game for the PlayStation 2 using the EyeToy camera. Players must control their character by moving their body in front of the camera instead than using a controller.

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  • GameSpot - Review by Ryan Davis [Score: 7.3/10]. "In the reviews and previews eyetoy - antigrav end, though, the technical shortcomings of the EyeToy reviews and previews eyetoy - antigrav seem to explain exactly why most EyeToy games reviews and previews eyetoy - antigrav are short and sweet affairs."
  • GameCritics - Review by Brad Gallaway [Score: 7/10]. "So, from a technology perspective I have to say that AntiGrav was a success... even though it\'s not exactly the holodeck quite yet."

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