Browser Based Roleplaying Video Games

A chat-based game in which players roleplay patients in an insane asylum. Features prizes for winning and a 14 day free trial membership.

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See Also:
  • Chat Realms - Two fantasy roleplaying games using Flash chat: The Dark Forest video games and the Dunes of Gor.
  • The King Of Spades - Choose to be a hero or villain. Includes roleplaying news, information, roleplaying artwork, forums and guides.
  • Vaxia - Fantasy roleplaying game and community.
  • City of IF - A site centered on “storygames": online story-based rpgs roleplaying featuring multiplayer browser based roleplaying in forums and chat rooms. roleplaying Dozens of storygames in browser based multiple genres are available, roleplaying all free.
  • Lunatix Online: Global Insanity Crisis - A chat-based game in which players roleplay patients browser based in roleplaying an insane asylum. Features prizes for winning browser based and a roleplaying 14 day free trial membership.
  • The Dark Grimoire - Includes news, information, help, and a registration section for a video games text-based game.
  • Evernight Games - Home of Canon, a turn-based strategy and fantasy browser based roleplaying game. Each player has control of a browser based small territory and tries to grow its wealth browser based and power.
  • Silver Dragon Entertainment - Move around a virtual maze. Includes screenshots, contact, video games and message boards.
  • Army Nation - A text based military RPG, where the player video games raises video games an army to battle it out with video games all other video games players.
  • The World Called Hollow - Free, web-based Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) where role-playing is highly encouraged. roleplaying Provides a registration page, news, information, and clans.
  • RPG Battle - Fight monsters in a stadium. Includes an item browser based and monster archive.
  • Simcountry - A Massive Online World Simulation Game. Build your roleplaying own country browser based or empire and you compete with roleplaying other presidents in any browser based of the worlds, or roleplaying play as a CEO browser based of an roleplaying Enterprise. The Enterprise can build private corporations in browser based roleplaying many countries and develop into a la
  • Nowhere Else and Beyond - A browser-based Fantasy MMORPG. Solve quests, slay monsters, video games get raw materials, and run a shop.
  • Mobster War - Fight other gangsters and try to build an browser based empire of thugs, girls, dealers and property. [PHP]
  • Legend of the Green Dragon - Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of the video games classic BBS Door game, Legend of the Red Dragon (aka video games LoRD) by Seth Able Robinson.
  • Secrets of War - Features news, game information, and staff details.
  • Interfable: The Wheel - An epic fantasy roleplaying game that uses a mixture of posting and voting to allow multiple players to cooperatively roleplay a single character.
  • The Beach Online - Find a hidden room within a lost island. Includes information and downloads relating to the game.
  • Idlepimps - Play as a pimp, join a gang, and build a video games pimping empire. Includes forums and player rankings.
  • Triglav - An action roleplaying game. Also includes information and screenshots.
  • Sryth: The Age of Igtheon - A free game in a fantasy setting. Provides story information, roleplaying FAQs and documentation, maps, and a hall of fame.
  • Eaxia Online - A free text-based, online role-playing fantasy adventure game.
  • Dragon Court - Compete for experience points and monster kills. Includes roleplaying rules, clans, and help.
  • Wizard's Challenge - Free chat- and forum-based RPG in which the video games players play dueling wizards.
  • Crime World - Take on the roll of the mafia. Features news and signups.
  • Wizard Wars - A text based game. Includes links, discussions, reports, video games and browser based information.
  • Time Hunter - A multiplayer adventure game where players will move through eras in time, complete missions, slay monsters, join clans, gain treasure and duel other adventurers in real time combat.
  • Carnage Blender - Diablo-like game including member information, history, statistics, and roleplaying signups.
  • Urban Dead - A grid-mapped multi-player game where you play the browser based survivor browser based or victim of a zombie outbreak in browser based a quarantined browser based city.
  • Lords of Lords - Fight monsters, explore worlds, chat, or duel other players in browser based this text based online game. Includes servers for beginning and browser based advanced players and message forum.

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