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General information resource with database of items, quests, missions, and crafting recipes. Also contains member forums, journals, FAQs, and links.

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Final Fantasy XI* - Official Square Enix webpage for U.S. players. Information on gameplay, system requirements, service and support, and multimedia extras.* - General information resource with database of items, quests, missions, and crafting recipes. Also contains member forums, journals, FAQs, and links.

  • IGN: Final Fantasy XI - Screenshots, videos, reviews, previews, news, and a message f board.
  • Vana'diel Atlas - Maps of all areas of Vana\\'diel. Includes final fantasy games final fantasy games information on connecting zones and features within zones final fantasy games final fantasy games such as treasure chests/coffers and notorious monster spawns.
  • Clam Bucketeer! - Information on clamming such as clamming points, list final fantasy games of obtainable items, and an interactive ponze calculator.
  • FFXI Crafting Database - Database of guild recipes with crafting level and item description
  • FFXI Stratics - Contains beginner\\'s walkthroughs, story information, guides, PlayOnline news, final fantasy games and forums.
  • InnerSoul Federation - Searchable gardening database.
  • Final Fantasy Catacombs - Contains guides to fishing, renkei, the conquest, food final fantasy xi f effects, auction house use, and Tetra Master, as final fantasy xi f well as forums and chat rooms.
  • FFXIOnline - Featuring quest, mission, and crafting information. Also has a list of linkshells and a forum.
  • Final Fantasy Online Warcry - Includes guides, maps, screenshots, fan art, and forums.
  • Kida's FFXI Fishing Database - Fishing guide and database including information on rods, bait, and final fantasy games areas in which to fish.
  • Vana'diel Bestiary - Database of FFXI monsters. Includes information on experience points camps.
  • KoolAid Linkshell - Contains information on crafting, quests, weapon skills, and final fantasy xi vendors.
  • FilePlanet - Movies, trailers, utilities, patches, and desktop enhancements.
  • FFXI Gil Guide - Introductory gil-making strategy guides and tips.
  • Final Fantasy XI Top 200 - List of linkshell and fan sites ranked by final fantasy games f users.
  • Pyogenes' FFXI Timer - Vana\\'diel clock. Details moon phases, airship and ferry departure times, race specific equipment locations/times, guild hours/holidays, and magic affected by the day's element.
  • FFXI Maps - Maps of treasure chest, treasure coffer, and notorious monster spawn final fantasy games points.
  • The Bilingual Website for Final Fantasy XI - Features information on alternate leveling areas, equipment, spells, quests, gardening, harvesting/mining/excavating, and renkei.
  • GameSpy: Final Fantasy XI - Review, preview, news, screenshots, and articles.
  • Titanictus.Com DiGIT - Daily guild item listing. Site also includes a forum final fantasy xi for fishing discussions.
  • GameSpy Xbox 360 - Includes a screenshot, movies, and news.
  • Final Fantasy Vault - Includes news, game guides, quest information, fan works, and forums.
  • Maps of Vana'diel - Maps of treasure chest, treasure coffer, and notorious monster spawn f points.
  • The Vana'diel Lobby - General and server-specific forums.
  • Juele's Online Guide to Gardening on Final Fantasy XI - Gardening information and recipes.
  • IGN - Preview, news, screenshots, and videos.
  • RPGamer - Reviews, screenshots, PlayOnline news, and game art.
  • FFXI Haven - Contains information on jobs, guilds, and game requirements as well as maps and downloads.
  • Macros Emporium - Basic information on creating macros.
  • Final Fantasy XI - - Contains databases of items, spells, mobs, and merchants. final fantasy xi final fantasy xi Also deals with topics such as chocobo final fantasy xi final fantasy xi digging, gardening, crafting, fame, and conquest point items.
  • FFXIclopedia - FFXI-only open-content wiki including information useful for all players from final fantasy xi beginners to end-game. Site also contains forums, blogs, and final fantasy xi information on in-game seasonal events.
  • Team Xbox - News, movies, and screenshots.
  • Killing Ifrit - Contains information on mobs, BCNMs, quests, crafting. Also has f FAQs, maps, forums, and PlayOnline news.
  • GameFAQs Xbox 360 - Release data and a message board.
  • GameStats - Screenshots, videos, message board, and article links.
  • - Profiles and photos of Final Fantasy XI players. final fantasy games Information on items, NPCs, mobs, quests, missions, and final fantasy games Vana'diel maps. Printable detailed guild recipes.
  • FFXI Info - Overview of the races, jobs, modes of transportation, final fantasy games final fantasy xi shops, and areas in Vana'diel.

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