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Listing of linkshells (clans/guilds) in Final Fantasy XI.

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See Also:
  • Wolfwood Forum - Forum for Odin server linkshell.
  • Gods Army - Member information, chat, forum, news and FAQs.
  • - AlphaPrime linkshell on Hades server. Site contains member journals, final fantasy xi wikis, and a forum.
  • Banished Chronicles - Shiva server linkshell site with a discussion forum, events calendar, final fantasy games screenshot gallery, and collaborative guides maintained by the members.
  • Valor - Midgardsormr endgame linkshell site containing member information and final fantasy xi a forum.
  • Anime-Madness - Small linkshell in the Caitsith world made up final fantasy xi final fantasy games of a group of close friends.
  • Shards of Odin - Odin server linkshell site with member information, screenshots, clans and guilds and a forum.
  • The Faithfull/Ensemble - Forum for the Ensemble linkshell on the Sylph server.
  • MidnightDreams - Late night SKY/HNM/Mission linkshell on the Odin server.
  • Aradorn - Bismarck server linkshell site containing member information and clans and guilds final fantasy xi a forum.
  • EmeraldMoon linkshell - Fairy server linkshell.
  • Avengers - Phoenix server linkshell site featuring member information and final fantasy games final fantasy games a Vana'diel clock.
  • Linkshell Nephilim - Linkshell based on the Carbuncle server. Features clans and guilds clans and guilds linkshell member information, gameplay information, and a forum.
  • Guardians of Balance - An Odin server linkshell with members of all final fantasy games levels which organizes missions, quests, and other groups final fantasy games for its members.
  • MithraPride - Linkshell exclusively for Mithra on multiple servers. Site features a Vana\'diel clock, airship schedule, screenshots, and a forum.

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