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Participates in games like World of Warcraft or Planetside. Its member services include a forum and a couple of weblogs.

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See Also:
  • Black Knight Battalion - Plays World War II Online, Dark Age of clans and guilds video games Camelot, EVE Online, Dark and Light, Star Wars clans and guilds video games Galaxies, and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Forums, FAQs, clans and guilds video games and background.
  • The Corporation Gaming Community - Plays primarily PlanetSide and World of WarCraft. Includes video games forums, game information, roster, and IRC chat details.
  • Convergence - Outfit that participates in Dark Age of Camelot, PlanetSide and massive multiplayer online Shadowbane. Includes character tools and discussion forums.
  • WeComeToPlay - Devoted to helping guilds. Offers blogs, gallery and teamspeak introduction.
  • The Halibuts - Plays World of Warcraft and Planetside. Offers a forum.
  • Dragonwolves - Participates in games like World of Warcraft or video games Planetside. clans and guilds Its member services include a forum and video games a couple clans and guilds of weblogs.
  • 42nd Fire Ant Brigade - Participates in PlanetSide and Dark Age of Camelot.
  • Nocturnal Soldiers - Nocturnal Soldiers Gamming exisits since 2002 and plays EVE Online and Planetside.
  • Sturmgrenadier - Plays EVE Online, PlanetSide, Star Wars - Galaxies, Lord of the Rings online, World of Warcraft, World War II Online. Features game specific sections with news and information about the clan and discussion forums.
  • GamerDNA - Members can create personal pages with game history, clans and guilds photos, blogs, scores and profiles, and form groups clans and guilds based on interests and guilds. Keep track of clans and guilds game characters and friends, and meet the other clans and guilds people you play with.
  • Guild Sites - Provide hosting and web design for clan and video games guild video games sites.
  • GuildPortal - Provides hosting and a directory for guilds. Registration massive multiplayer online required.
  • Swords of Villanousity - Plays various games including America\\'s Army, Counterstrike, Gunbound, GunZ, and Well of Souls. It also has an artisan branch.

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