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Resources for Enemy-territory, RtCW and sources of utilities for clan leaders and clan websites. There are patches, mods, maps, news and reviews.

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  • Darkmatter - Plays Star Trek: Legacy, Star Trek: Elite Force 2 and clans and guilds Battlefield. Offers news and forums.
  • Mousesports - Home of the clan mousesports and portal for multiplayer eSports with clans and guilds news, articles, coverages, interviews, bulletin board, multiplayer community, videos, photos, shop, clans and guilds replays/demos, scoreboard, and betting multiplayer system.
  • nGize - Plays FIFA, Counterstrike, Warcraft 3 and Carom 3D. multiplayer Takes part in the ESL. Offers information about multiplayer the clan activities.
  • Noob Gamers - An online gaming community dedicated to helping rookie multiplayer gamers get video games to the next level in multiplayer multiplayer games.
  • Meet your Makers - Plays Warcraft 3, Counterstrike, Starcraft and Call of clans and guilds multiplayer Duty 4. Participates in online leagues.
  • Smurfs of war gaming clan - A gaming clan that plays a range of clans and guilds multiplayer online games like Battlefield or Trackmania.
  • Team Dignitas - Plays Call of Duty 4, Command and Conquer, multiplayer World in Conflict and Counterstrike. The clan participates multiplayer in the ESL Pro Series.
  • UK Game Players - Gaming Community for Call of Duty, Trackmania, COD5, video games Battlefield video games Heroes. Contains News, Server information and statistics video games and forums.
  • EyeGaming - Multi gaming clan for first person shooter games multiplayer and starcraft. Offers forums, servers and downloads.
  • WolfStuff - Resources for Enemy-territory, RtCW and sources of utilities video games for clans and guilds clan leaders and clan websites. There are video games patches, mods, clans and guilds maps, news and reviews.
  • Vortex - Features Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and Day video games of video games Defeat. Offers game servers.
  • Infinity - Plays the Call of Duty Series and World video games in Conflict. Offers downloads and forums.
  • Reason Gaming - Plays Counterstrike, Call of Duty, Quake and Pro video games Evolution multiplayer Soccer. Provides news and forums.
  • Overdosed - Clan playing Starcraft, Brood War, Diablo II, Warcraft video games III video games and Counter-Strike. Site offers, recruitment information, video games news, frequently video games asked questions, roster and information on video games tournaments.
  • Dread - A community that plays Battlefield, Company of heroes and Call of Duty. Offers server information and forums.
  • Electronic Gamers - Plays Call of Duty 4 and Company of multiplayer Heroes. Offers results and forums.
  • TEK9 - Plays Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Fifa and racing games. Offers video games eSports coverage and articles.
  • Extreme Gaming Clan - Plays Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Quake 4, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty and Ogame. Offers news and a forum.
  • Xciteuk - Plays Halo, Fifa, Counterstrike, Call of Duty and multiplayer Team Fortress multiplayer 2. Participates in leagues and provides multiplayer server information.
  • Oxmoze - Plays Counterstrike, Call of Duty, Dota, Fifa and Enemy Territory. video games Offers a forum.
  • Multi Platform Gamers - Clan site offering gaming reviews, news, members list, video games forum, multiplayer cheats & tips, PC, PS3 and Xbox video games 360 platforms.
  • XPD8 Headquarters - A gaming review site and a multigaming clan. video games Offers video games cheats, hints and industry news.
  • Deviant Wing - Plays Armed Assault, World in Conflict, Call of clans and guilds multiplayer Duty and Company of Heroes. Offers forums, rooster clans and guilds multiplayer and server information.
  • Clan 30+ - Plays Team Fortress, Quake III Fortress, Counter-Strike, Urban video games Terror, NASCAR Racing, Ghost Recon, and Battlefield: 1942.
  • NATO Warriors - Multigaming clan playing Company of Heroes and games clans and guilds multiplayer within the Battlefield series. Website contains a clans and guilds multiplayer forum listing clan members, screenshots, and discussion regarding clans and guilds multiplayer supported games.
  • Warriors of Iwo Jima - A clan for xbox 360 and PC Gaming. video games Plays clans and guilds shooters and strategy games.
  • Da Joint - Plays Command and Conquer series, Call of Duty 4 and multiplayer Unreal Tournament.
  • After Life - A community for the Call of Duty series, Team Fortress multiplayer 2 and Company of Heroes. Offers servers and a forum.
  • Global Gaming Group - Plays Day of Defeat, Counterstrike and Call of video games Duty clans and guilds 4. Offers game server information.
  • Excello - Plays Warcraft 3, Counterstrike, Fifa, Football Manager, Quake 3, Starcraft, Team Fortress 2, Warsow and Unreal Tournament 3.
  • United States Virtual Navy - Plays Rogue Spear, F/A-18, and Fighters Anthology.
  • Ds Clan - The Dark Shadows Clan plays WarCraft3 and Freelancer.
  • Mineski - A philippines based community. Includes pro gaming news, information on multiplayer their team and their cyber cafe.

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