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Contains sites for clans and/or guilds that play X-Wing series games.

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See Also:
  • The Emperor's Imperial Navy - Plays X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. star wars games squadrons Includes forum, ranks, ribbons and awards, squadrons, and star wars games squadrons craft database.
  • Omega Squadron - Includes divisions, roster, custom missions and ships, and fan works.
  • German Fighter Squadron - Plays X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. squadrons Roster, tips, squadrons tournament results, and fan fiction. [German/English]
  • B-Wing Ranger Squadron - Squadron history and fan fiction.
  • Red Squadron - Contains news, tactical tips, pilot roster, mission files for X-Wing and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, craft database, and fan works.
  • Wolfshead Squadron - News, members, history, fan fiction, forum, custom missions and tips for X-Wing and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, and OPTs.
  • New Republic Navy - Members, news, tournament information, and flight tips.
  • Madden Reeves Empire - Includes application and pilot records.
  • Fox Wing Headquarters - Profile, roster, kill-board, ranks, rules, joining instructions, and star wars games x-wing series custom missions for X-Wing vs TIE Fighter.
  • Special Operations Squadron - Roster, ranks, honors, training, guides covering X-Wing, TIE star wars games star wars games Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance, missions, forum, chat, and star wars games star wars games FAQ.

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