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Contains sites for clans and/or guilds that play only Star Wars multiplayer games, but play more than one such game.

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See Also:
  • United Pilots Alliance - Includes structure, forums, and fan works.
  • League of the Dragon - Plays X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, Galactic Battlegrounds, and Star Wars space combat Galaxies. Includes clan details, forum, and events.
  • Dark Jedi Organization - Members, news, ranks, awards, charter, events, rules, and forums for member clans.
  • Tyrant Task Force - Plays X-Wing Alliance, Jedi Knight, X-Wing vs TIE star wars games star wars games Fighter, and Rebellion. Contains news, diplomacy, allies, and star wars games star wars games history.
  • Trident Strike Fleet - The Grand Masters Battle Fleet - Contains fleet roster, operations, and forum.
  • Dark Brotherhood - Dark Side aligned group. Includes news, member profiles, star wars games clans and guilds reports of meetings, and training documents.
  • Rebel Squadrons - Includes fleets, bylaws, roster, forum, planet database, manual, and joining space combat instructions.
  • Imperial Dragoon Strike Fleet - Contains news, divisions, manuals, codes of conduct, rosters, and forums.
  • The Galactic Empire - Roster, shipyard, ranks, and joining instructions.
  • The Last Starfighters League - Contains factions, rules, structures, awards, news, forums, and space combat fan clans and guilds works.

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