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Volunteer-based non-profit project aimed at producing a single-player RPG game for the computer. Contributions from a variety of areas is needed, including concept art, character development, music and programming. Features world, characters and story.

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See Also:
  • Adonthell - Free open source RPG for Linux.
  • Gigantic Fantasy - Contains cast, downloads, and fan fiction for a roleplaying game based roleplaying on Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.
  • The Tales of Trolls and Treasures RPG-Project - News, information, features, and demo download.
  • Elven Forge Software - Features information and downloads of their games, which includes "Arena" roleplaying and "Dice Roller".
  • Middle Earth: The Third Age - Development information.
  • End of Earth - End of Earth is a text based RPG programmed in Pascal and based on LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon).
  • The Realmz Encyclopedia - Realmz downloads, information about scenarios, Realmz itself and Divinity.
  • Soft-Wiz - Developers of an RPG making tool.
  • Psion's Sanctum Sanctorum - A site about the cRPG game Realmz and Divinity (from independent developers Fantasoft LLC), as well as about the Sword Lands trilogy independent developers of official scenarios for Realmz.
  • ShatterShock Productions - News about a classic-style game called AYUN.
  • Moo Cow Entertainment - Includes features and downloads for the Avenger The video games Abomination independent developers roleplaying game.
  • The Forgotten King - Screenshots and game download available.
  • Dungeon Craft - A free and open source gaming engine RPG game maker. independent developers Screenshots, news, and download.
  • IRE - A free Ultima 6 style engine with an independent developers emphasis roleplaying on user customization.
  • Lunar Eclipse - The Geno-Tek Projekt - Includes news, story, features, and images for science fiction, anime, and console-styled game.
  • Explorations RPG Development System - Software that creates "real-time" top-view isometric RPG games.
  • Polygon Wizards - Game information and news.
  • Silmar - A multiplayer, multiplatform randomly-generated-dungeon exploration game.
  • - Developer of Knights of the Chalice, a turn-based roleplaying RPG for Windows, and includes screen shots, downloads, roleplaying and forums.
  • Quick Basic RPG Contest - Submit RPGs, or download games created by other roleplaying people.
  • Hollywood Mogul - Own the studio. Run the studio. Make the independent developers movies. Hire and fire the biggest names in independent developers the business.
  • Pirates Ho! - Development news on the tactical combat game under video games development.
  • Robin of the Wood - Review by Crash. Game produced by Odin Computer Graphics roleplaying in machine code. [94%]
  • Legend Of Dragons - Freeware 8-bit console style game written with Quick video games Basic 4.5.
  • RuneSword - A computer role playing game that includes two video games large adventures, a few smaller ones, a random video games adventure generator and the RuneSword RPG construction set. video games Features downloads, screen shots, message board, FAQs video games and links.
  • Galendor UK - Includes plot, progress, screenshots, and media for a Tolkien-inspired fantasy adventure created with RPG Toolkit.
  • Ranedhel's RPG Dev Site - Contains description for a Quest for Glory fan independent developers game made with RPG Toolkit.
  • Fate of Io - Volunteer-based non-profit project aimed at producing a single-player roleplaying RPG game independent developers for the computer. Contributions from a roleplaying variety of areas is independent developers needed, including concept art, roleplaying character development, music and programming. independent developers Features world, roleplaying characters and story.
  • FiL Inc - Original games, downloads, project list, store and general information.
  • Hero6 - Based on the Quest for Glory Series. Development information, news, independent developers media, and discussion.
  • XtremeWorlds - XtremeWorlds offers a free, simple to use, powerful independent developers 2D MMORPG Maker, allowing you to make your independent developers own MMORPG in just seconds.
  • Pentagang - A roleplaying game designed in 3D. Provides news, video games story information, diaries, artwork, and a download.
  • Interactivites Ink - Alien Software downloads and sales, including the Neophyte series.
  • Hax - Provides information and a download of the game independent developers designed roleplaying for the Realmz RPG engine. [Macintosh Only]
  • Scenario RPGMaker - Contains screenshots, questions and answers, forum, and software, roleplaying game, and add-on downloads for a freeware game roleplaying construction program.
  • Peroxide Entertainment - ERA - Third person single player RPG. Offers screen shots, video games game video games description and background, wallpaper download, forums and video games FAQs.

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