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Graphic gameplay inspired by Zelda series. News, user forum, screenshots, and Windows source and executables. Classic version made in Free Basic

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See Also:
  • HackNet - Multiplayer, networked roguelike developed in Perl.
  • Slaves to Armok - News, screenshots, design roadmap, player forum, and executable files.
  • H-World - The Jungle - News, development documents, screenshots, and executable files.
  • Martin's Dungeon Bash - Basic implementation. Development notes, buglist, and source.
  • Pocket Dimension - Source and executables for Palm OS. Screenshots, user independent developers manual, and public forums.
  • CastlevaniaRL - Set in Castlevania gameworld and implemented in Java. rogue-like Overview, screenshots, independent developers and executables.
  • Kaduria - Graphic game for MS-DOS. News, development notes, screenshots, independent developers and rogue-like executable.
  • Abura Tan - Screenshots, documentation, MS-DOS executable and source files.
  • Dungeon Monkey - One-week programming exercise. Screenshot, source, and Windows executable.
  • Ng Java Roguelike Engine Project - Programming framework. Overview, design documents, and prototype Angband implementation.
  • Claw and Sword - Includes development notes, screenshots, and sample source files.
  • S.C.O.U.R.G.E. - Features graphical frontend. Overview, screenshots, build instructions, source, independent developers and executables for OS X and Windows.
  • Over - Graphical. Documentation, DOS executable, and link to FAQ.
  • Heroic Adventure! - Fantasy theme. Developer journal, screenshots, and related links.
  • I, Monster - Work in progress scripted in Python. Source files.
  • Dead Cold - Science fiction adventuring. Development notes, source, and executable rogue-like files for independent developers MS-DOS.
  • The Tombs - Play online. FAQ, manual, and forums. [Requires Flash]
  • Papaki - Development weblog. Windows executable available.
  • Nethermost Wanderings - Discontinued. News, screenshots, documentation, source, and executables for roleplaying Windows and independent developers Linux.
  • Shuruppak - Technical documentation, source, and Windows executable.
  • RCH2 - Multiuser, networked hack\\'n\\'slash. News, guides, and clients for Windows and independent developers Linux.
  • Dungeondweller - Developer diary, Windows executables, and screenshots.
  • 3059 - Sci-fi theme. Screenshot, release notes, and Windows executable.
  • Quest for Pants - Implemented in Squeak. Screenshot, overview, source, and Linux independent developers executable.
  • Domain Country - Educational variation where letters represent nationalities. Summary, screenshots, and MS-DOS executable.
  • Lost Labyrinth - PureBasic Version - Coffeebreak dungeon crawling game. Abstract roguelike with smooth independent developers scrolling. Made by the creators of the original independent developers FreeBasic version
  • LnRogue - Graphical. Offers overview, screenshot, and source.
  • QHack - Simple starter implementation. Source files and development tips.
  • Golem: Lands of Shadow - Isometric perspective graphics. Screenshots, background, and developer contact.
  • Kalyp - Fantasy CRPG written in Java. Screenshots, development notes, source and executable content.
  • QuickQuest - Screenshot and executable files.
  • UnderDark - Changelog, screenshots, source, and executable files.
  • Iter Vehemens ad Necem - Graphical variant. News, screenshots, and source and executable independent developers files rogue-like for MS-DOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • ZapM - Science fiction theme. DOS, Linux, and OS X executables, guidebook, and forum.
  • Tiny Roguelike - QBasic implementation. Offers source files and related code rogue-like snippets.
  • Ithaca - Post-apocalyptic. Overview, screenshots, and Windows executable.
  • Rolf - Set in the world of Pokey the Penguin. DOS executable roleplaying and source. Unfinished.
  • Warp Rogue - Warp Rogue is a gothic science fantasy roguelike rogue-like game.
  • POWDER - For the Game Boy Advance. Screenshots, development notes, roleplaying and executables.
  • Wa - Oriental theme. Overview, screenshots, and news.
  • Kitty Underground - Post-apocalyptic. News, screenshots, buglist, and executable files.
  • Lost Labyrinth - FreeBasic Version - Graphic gameplay inspired by Zelda series. News, user forum, screenshots, and Windows source and executables. Classic version made in Free Basic
  • Mines of Morgoth - Screenshots, Windows executable, and developer journal.
  • Incursion: Assault on the Halls of the Goblin King - Influenced by Omega and the d20 Game System. rogue-like Screenshots, technical paper, and Windows executable.
  • Plutonuim Roguelike - Post-nuclear theme. Developer notes and screenshots.
  • Porrog - News, screenshots, source, and executables for Windows and rogue-like OS X.
  • The Woods of Torbin - Tiled graphic interface. Overview, screenshots, and Windows executable.
  • CalcRogue - Primarily for TI-89 and TI-92+ graphing calculators, but roleplaying also Linux independent developers and Windows. News, screenshots, and source roleplaying and executable files.
  • atrogue - Requires UNIX-like system. Overview, player documentation, and source.
  • Aether - Implemented in Java. News and screenshots.

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