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Official Players site from Sony with character, guild, and skill, information. Allows players to upload images and maintain guild webpages.

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EverQuest II Players* - Official Players site from Sony with character, guild, and skill, information. Allows players to upload images and maintain guild webpages.
EverQuest II* - Official site from Sony with game overview, screen shots and frequently asked questions.

  • EQ2 Vault - Includes news, articles, and message boards.
  • EverQuest 2 Realm - Site offers playing guides and lists, news, links massive multiplayer online everquest games and a members area.
  • Ten Ton Hammer - A repository of guides including spell lists, beginner guides, maps, massive multiplayer online quests, and also has an image gallery and forums.
  • Creature Lore and Legend Books - A simple listing of Lore and Legend book everquest games locations with a pictorial guide on how to everquest games obtain them.
  • The Adventure Journal - A log of one ranger\\'s adventures through Norrath. Maps, stories, everquest games artwork, locations, and links.
  • EQ2GoldRush - Guides to making platinum.
  • GameAmp - Game information, media, and community content.
  • EverQuest 2 Maps and Quests - Site offers maps complete with descriptions, locations, and NPCs, as everquest ii well as quest information.
  • Machinima.com: Everquest - A place to watch and upload Everquest movies.
  • EQ2 Faces - Put a face to the names in the game.
  • LootDB - Community-contributed EverQuest II item database with links to mobs and everquest ii zones.
  • EverQuest 2 Guru - Contains detailed item and quest databases. Also has massive multiplayer online everquest ii forums and database commenting.
  • Myrelle's EverQuest II Arcanum - Guides, item database, maps, zone information, quest walk-throughs, monster database and message boards.
  • EverQuest 2 Abilities Reference - Lists AA class trees, spells, abilities and combat everquest games arts massive multiplayer online in a variety of formats.
  • EverQuest2 Village - Website contains information about Everquest II, including class everquest games skills everquest ii and spells, quests, items and NPS.
  • FilePlanet - Adventure packs, movies, trailers, desktop enhancements, and utilities.
  • EQ2 Markets - Tracks in-game prices of items from player-submitted store logs.
  • EQ2i - Community wiki that provides game information and spoilers massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online where visitors may write or add to available massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online content.
  • Loot Run - Website designed for beginning or relatively new players everquest ii to everquest games EverQuest II. Contains guides.
  • MMODB - Everquest quests, bestiary, equipment, and other spoilers.
  • EverQuest II Stratics - Features news, overview, FAQ, media, interviews, and forums.
  • EQ2 Warcry - Offers game news and screenshots, along with some basic information everquest ii and guides.
  • EQ2 Center - Articles and news, complete with guides, items, mobs, and tradeskill databases.
  • Allakhazam's Magical Realm - Searchable databases of quests, items, and bestiary; news, everquest games screenshots, everquest games frequently asked questions, interviews, artwork and game everquest games information.
  • EQ2Links - A community effort at a searchable items database.

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