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All submissions to this category must contain content for Sony's EverQuest II, and must be chat or forum websites.

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  • The Pwnage Brothers - A podcast where two regular players talk about chats and forums everquest ii their EQ2 PVP experiences.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Everquest_2 - A group where players can discuss and help everquest ii each everquest games other out with Everquest 2.
  • Everquest 2 Crafting Community - Live journal for crafters to communicate.
  • Ed Popowski's EverQuest pages - Public forums, plus player's character info.
  • - Weekly podcasts and daily news about EQ2.
  • EQ2 Livejournal - Live journal where EverQuest 2 players communicate.
  • The Safehouse EQ2 Forums - The EQ2 section of a gaming community website everquest games for chats and forums those who want to find out the everquest games latest MMORPG chats and forums news.
  • EQ2Flames Forum - Free speech discussion forum about EverQuest II and Sony Online everquest ii Entertainment games.
  • Treehouse - Information such as links, maps, and quests, vital chats and forums chats and forums to the true addict.
  • Aggro Me - News, humor and commentary written in weblog format.

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