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Libraries consist of sites that contain large amounts of information but are not necessarily meant for guidance. Sites may include in-game forums, articles, game mechanics, or similar resources.

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  • Too Beautiful to Fade - A library of articles to aid Gemstone III massive multiplayer online gemstone iv players.
  • Lord Shikel's Library - Collection of information regarding the world of Gemstone gemstone iv and gemstone iv its inhabitants.
  • The Rayven's Nest - Features an art gallery, English to Elven translator, in-game logs from events, and a directory of Gemstone IV information.
  • Library of Lady Darcena - This site has contains event logs, forum logs, massive multiplayer online gemstone iv and fictional and non-fictional stories.
  • Jypsie's Elanthian Library - Information, tales, portraits and guides.
  • Lady Taylir's Library - A collection of information on everything Elanthia. Provides information on massive multiplayer online traps, herbs, Voln, the Council of Light, and the House massive multiplayer online of the Argent Aspis.
  • Danay's Domain - Archive of history, humor, religion, and roleplaying.
  • Gemstone IV Links and Information - A directory.
  • Violetskye's Castle - Content on the world of Elanthia including Arkati, libraries profiles, guides, in-game forums, and history.
  • Locked Chest - Features maps, game mechanics, in-game logs, and a downloadable character libraries manager.

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