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Dedicated to Zul Logoth in the Dragonspine Mountains of Elanthia. Site contains maps and city guides, character profiles, shopping and sights, and stories.

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Simutronics' Gemstone IV* - A text-based fantasy role-playing game set in a medieval world of magic.

  • Visions - Provides general information. Provides character profiles and pronunciations, roleplaying and follies.
  • Toadstool Appreciation Society - Dedicated to Zul Logoth in the Dragonspine Mountains roleplaying of Elanthia. roleplaying Site contains maps and city guides, roleplaying character profiles, shopping and roleplaying sights, and stories.
  • - Resources for players including Arkati, Platinum, and scripting.
  • Augie Auction - Auction list for weapons, armor, shields, scripted items, massive multiplayer online containers, and jewelry.
  • The Unofficial Gemstone III Web Ring - Listing of websites and information on how to join the roleplaying webring.
  • Arts of Elanthia - A collection of elanthian art. Features a gallery roleplaying of drawings.
  • Architectural and Landscaping Association of Elanthia (ALAE) - An exclusive membership of players who create and roleplaying expand the massive multiplayer online areas that players can occupy.
  • Carli's Collection - Various logs and stories from Platinum.
  • Auctions GS3 - Mailing list for the auctions, sale and trading gemstone iv of massive multiplayer online items.
  • Virilneus' Gemstone III Site - Offers scripts, several guides, lore, and player rants. massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online Also contains information on Gemstone IV.
  • Wikipedia - Provides a history with technical details.
  • Nilandia's GS4 Info Repository - A collection of posts and resources on game changes.
  • Tarahn's Temple - Features player lore and profession guides. Presented in an exploratory gemstone iv fashion.
  • The Wizard's Chambers - Several profession guides include statistics, training, and hunting gemstone iv tactics.
  • PortousGS3Auction - Auction list for the buying and selling of items.

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