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Describes how to train to swing a two-handed weapon effectively, along with recommendations about stat placements, and where to hunt.

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Editor's Picks:

Lord Commandant's Complete Warrior's Guide* - A comprehensive guide full of helpful tips and minute details. Includes many colorful examples for easier understanding.

  • The Halfling Warrior Compendium - Advice for those who wish to take the route of gemstone iv the halfling warrior, and why it can be a good gemstone iv choice.
  • Flintum's Warrior Guide - Covers training and step-by-step instructions for the first warriors several years. guides Also contains suggestions for the later warriors training.
  • Lord Geijon's Warrior Guide - Fantastic guide to making and playing a warrior, including guides gemstone iv for related things and formulas for calculating certain statistics.
  • The World Of A Two-Handed Warrior - Covers all aspects of living as a two-handed weapon swinging warriors warrior.
  • The Real Man's Guide to Being a Warrior - Gives general tips on being a warrior, along with many warriors hunting tips.
  • Grubbel McBorgel's Two Handed Warrior Guide - Describes how to train to swing a two-handed guides weapon effectively, warriors along with recommendations about stat placements, guides and where to hunt.
  • Definitive Guide to Creating an Ultimate Warrior - Information on statistic placement and tips for advancing warriors through the gemstone iv first seven levels.
  • The Warrior's Ways - Lady Ilvane\\'s expansion on the original guide explains gemstone iv the warriors challenges of being a warrior and gives gemstone iv general advice.
  • Torthos Guyvary's Warriors Guide - Short guide including rolling, training, and getting experience warriors through the eleventh training.
  • How to Create a 'Fitter' - Explains rolling, training, and hunting with a bit gemstone iv of humor.
  • Two Handed Warrior - Thorough guide to fighting with two-handed weapons, and guides also a warriors guide to weaponry.
  • Sheath Making - Narrative step-by-step story of making a sheath in gemstone iv the warriors warriors guild.

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