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Dedicated to the controversial art of dueling in Elanthia. Includes logs of past duels, dueling etiquette, index of terms, and a forum.

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  • Crystal Guide - Gives an explanation of the AI crystal.
  • Debdemona's Archieve - Collection of archived knowledge including Arkati, magic, armor/weapons, gemstone iv and beasts.
  • The Abandoned Inn's Magic Crystal - Ceranis\\' Guide to the magical properties and uses gemstone iv of massive multiplayer online the crystal of the Abandoned Inn.
  • GemStone III Dueling - Dedicated to the controversial art of dueling in massive multiplayer online Elanthia. Includes logs of past duels, dueling etiquette, massive multiplayer online index of terms, and a forum.
  • Walker's Dominion - Information on classes, races, maps, gods and resources.
  • Veilorb's Study - Offers help with the abandoned inn, deities, wound guides healing, and massive multiplayer online the orders.
  • Lady Breannaa's Guides - Specifics on statistics, cultural lineage, and in-game acronyms massive multiplayer online gemstone iv as well as profession guides.
  • The Archery Haven - Detailed information on archery including weapons and archer guides character profiles. Has guides on the basics, statistics, guides skills, and training.
  • Moon Shrine - Features information on houses, spells, herbs, societies, reiving and resources.
  • Netwiz & Lorrainna's Home - Features several sorcerer and rogue profession guides as well as guides character profiles.
  • Moon Shire - Celebrates Elanthia through moonlit visions. Has information on guides spells, houses, gemstone iv herbs, and societies.
  • Lady BloodSnake's guide to Imbedding - Detailed description and tutorial on imbedding items.
  • Lord Recoil's Nexus - Features guides, maps, verbs, scripts, spells, and information about the guides character Lord Recoil.
  • Soltarius' Tower - Listing of guides in relation to professions and general survival.
  • Reallia's Roleplaying Ramblings - Information on roleplaying in Elanthia. Includes guides and gemstone iv player guides profiles.
  • Rosman's Gemstone III - Features basic background information and a rogue and guides warrior guide.
  • Angtamin's Boutique - Contains several historical documents plus information on combat statistics and the Arkati.
  • Kaivatia's Keep - Features various guides and resources, including statistical information about game play.
  • Council of Light - Includes answers to questions, signs, and travel information.
  • Guide to Darkstone Castle - A short guide about navigating Darkstone Castle.
  • Coven's Guide to Imbedding - Thorough guide on the process of imbedding with information on gemstone iv imbeddable objects and where to find them.
  • Goldbadz's Tower - Features information on professions, spells and miscellaneous guides.
  • Laranna's Lair - Detailed resource featuring guides, Elanthian Chronicles, societies and guides Arkati.
  • Lord Sorgi's Role Playing Advice - Tips on proper roleplaying.
  • Lord Mishrak's Elanthian Fortress - Resources include dualing and profession guides, Voln information, massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online crits, spells, Ta'Vaalor, and a bestiary.
  • Tyego's Riverside - Guides on the Council of Light, River\\'s Rest, guides and a hero and heroine pronunciation guide. Also guides includes a wizard profession guide.

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