Pirates of the Caribbean Roleplaying Video Games

Reviewed by: Louis Bedigian, [7.5/10]. "Due to its slower-paced gameplay and the large amount of walking, talking, buying and selling you're required to do, action-lovers should probably look elsewhere." [Xbox]

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  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by John Breeden, score: 3-1/2 out of pirates of the caribbean 5.
  • ActionTrip - Reviewed by: Uros Jojic, [81/100]. "If only the pirates of the caribbean publishers had realized the importance of a good pirates of the caribbean cinematic experience and the little things that help pirates of the caribbean create a truly immersive single-player world, Pirates of pirates of the caribbean the Caribbean could've been the perfect seq
  • GameSpy.com - Previewed by: Christian Nutt. "...[T]he aim of a p game like p Pirates of the Caribbean is to p immerse the player, not p through its narrative, but p through its freedom." [Xbox]
  • FiringSquad: Home of the Hardcore Gamer - Reviewedby Jakub Wojnarowicz (59/100). "It\\'s the rare game that manages roleplaying to disappoint as decisively as Pirates of the Caribbean." Includes roleplaying screen shots.
  • Gamespy.com - Reviewed by: Allen Rausch, [55/100]. "...[A] sad mess roleplaying that not p only has virtually nothing to do roleplaying with the movie or p the [Disney World] ride, roleplaying but is a pretty poor game p in its roleplaying own right."
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Official website with screen shots, overview, and links.
  • NetJak Review - Reviewed by: Justin Murray, [4.2/10]. "While it is roleplaying a visually pirates of the caribbean outstanding title, the poor gameplay mechanics roleplaying and insane difficulty will pirates of the caribbean turn off all but roleplaying the most dedicated players." [Windows]
  • GameZone - Reviewed by: Tha Wiz, [7.9/10]. "Even with a few issues p that I felt could have been better, I can\\'t say p that there was ever a time that I wasn\'t enjoying p myself..."
  • GameSpy - Reviewed by: Tim McConnaughy, [65/100]. "I\\'ve never seen pirates of the roleplaying caribbean a better game more tragically hamstrung by bugs pirates of roleplaying the caribbean and errors." [Xbox]
  • GameZone.com - Previewed by: Tim Surette. "If given a chance, Pirates of the Caribbean should surprise land-lubbers everywhere."
  • WorthPlaying Review (Xbox) - Reviewed by: Staff, [7.5/10]. "This game could have been great, roleplaying but instead fell a little short." [Xbox]
  • GameGal.com - Previewed by: Da. "The graphics look great, and we think pirates of the caribbean this easily accessible game could be the perfect RPG for pirates of the caribbean gamers who would never be caught dead playing an RPG."
  • Armchair Empire - Xbox Review - Review, by Omni: "Even with its incomplete manual and its pirates of the caribbean many frustrations, I still liked Pirates of the Caribbean." [Score: pirates of the caribbean 7.6 out of 10]

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