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The Dungeons of Moria (Moria) offers gamers a single-player, infinite dungeon simulation. Apart from name and final adversary (a Balrog), most Moria titles borrow lightly from the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. The Pits of Angband (Angband), first branched from Moria, has grown over the years to become its own family of roguelikes. Information regarding Angband resides in the Games: Video Games: Roleplaying: Rogue-like: Angband.

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  • The Dungeons of Moria - Feature list and development history. Links to firsthand roleplaying account of roleplaying original VMS releases.
  • Tolkien Computer Games - Morgul - Alters final objective and tweaks gameplay. Synopsis and link to MS-DOS executable.
  • Unofficial Umoria Patches - Bugfixes and new features for version 5.5.2. Patched moria MS-DOS executable also provided.
  • Kertes's Imoria - Port to C language for Linux. Changelog and roleplaying source files.
  • kMoria - Palm OS port of Umoria. Changelog, tips, source roleplaying and executable rogue-like files, and build instructions.
  • Moria - Guides, spoilers, monster search, and character dumps. Links moria to source and executable files for several platforms.
  • Umoria - Site of official maintainer. FAQ, contact email, and moria links to rogue-like source and executable files for several moria platforms.
  • OS4 Depot - CWMMoria - Changelog and executable for Amiga OS4.
  • Google Groups - - Threaded archive of Usenet posts. (Discontinued September 1994)

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