Angband Rogue-like Roleplaying Video Games

Centered around the Amiga, but relevant to other platforms. Includes information about many variants, and includes links to download them.

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See Also:
  • Angband FAQ - Part One - Spoiler-free answers to common questions. Regularly posted to angband Usenet.
  • Discband - Discworld variant. Overview, source, and Windows executable.
  • Lumpy Angband - Includes a humorous summary of the game, a statistics program rogue-like for savefiles, and a program to convert old macros to rogue-like the new version.
  • Angband Variants Page - Centered around the Amiga, but relevant to other platforms. Includes angband information about many variants, and includes links to download them.
  • Angband Links - A collection of links for the game, its roleplaying variants and the patches available.
  • NewAngband - Variant. Changelog, source, and DOS executable.
  • Cat-and-the-Hack Angband - Variant. Comparative overview, changelog, source, and executables for multiple platforms.
  • EyAngband - List of differences the variant introduces, news, source and binary rogue-like downloads, a known bug list, changelog, spoilers, and mailing list.
  • Angband - Former project home. Archive of past news, documentation, angband source, and angband executables.
  • NTAngband - Variant. Overview, changelog, source, and Amiga executable.
  • The Iron Hells - Isometric variant. News, screenshots, and source.
  • SBFband - Eddings-influenced variant. Source and executables.
  • Oangband Development Site - Variant reworks core gameplay. Development history, source, and executables.
  • Angband- and ToME-related Stuff - Patches, utilities, and spoilers on skills, spells, and rogue-like gods.
  • sCthangband - Variant. Feature list, known bug list, source, and roleplaying executables for angband a variety of platforms.
  • Tarael's Sillyband Crap-o-Rama - Includes a link to the Sillyband source, a history of roleplaying the game, and a list of proposed features.
  • Myband - Variant. Developer notes, source, and executables.
  • Máhanaxar - Includes a humour page warning of the effects roleplaying of playing angband too much Angband, screenshots, a monsters roleplaying poll, and character dumps.
  • Thangorodrim - Previous official site. Contains some outdated information about angband variants, downloads angband and screenshots.
  • Ingband - Variant. Changelog, source, and executables for several platforms.
  • Kamband - Variant. Terse feature list, screenshots, and source.
  • Cthangband - Variant influenced by H.P. Lovecraft. Overview, known bug rogue-like list, source, and executables for a variety of rogue-like platforms.
  • Angband FAQ - Part Two - Frequently requested spoilers. Last updated for version 2.8.3.
  • The Pits of Angband - A history and description of Angband and Zangband. angband Includes links roleplaying to the sites of other variants.
  • GW-Angband - Variant. News, development history and rationale, source, and angband executables.
  • Angband and Zangband - LiveJournal community.
  • Xband - Variant. Introduces soul capturing to gameplay. Source and roleplaying Windows executable.
  • The Angband Newbie Guide - Details of how to get started, and how to progress, rogue-like in the game. Also includes a summary of variants.
  • - Offers full-text search of sources, edit and help files, searchable rogue-like monster and artifact spoilers, jokes, and downloads, for Angband and rogue-like a selection of variants.
  • Brian's Angband Crusade - Brief descriptions, and links to downloads, of Angband, rogue-like ZAngband, KAngband, roleplaying and RAngband, along with character profiles rogue-like and histories.
  • Steamband - Steampunk variant. News, development notes, source, and executables.
  • - Official site, containing downloads, bugtracker, and a development roleplaying wiki.
  • Animeband - Anime-themed variant. News, changelog, FAQ, source, and executables rogue-like for a variety of platforms.
  • Nangband - Variant featuring a full rewrite of the savefile code, a new resists system, separate stat bonuses, object recall, and three new races from Antiband. Includes mailing lists, a list of features, and a changelog.

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