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A clan is a group of gamers who play together as a team. This category lists clans that play Half-Life or multiple numbers of its modifications. Sites in this category must be in English. Sites in other languages should be submitted in the appropriate World subcategory.

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See Also:
  • Lambda Task Force - Includes member information, regulations, and an application for half-life membership.
  • Rebels Clan - Clan news, member roster, recruitment information.
  • Cypress Soldiers - News, member roster, matches, information, and forums. clans and guilds Plays Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike.
  • Men In Blood - An Australian based clan.
  • AMD Clan - Member roster and screenshots. Plays Firearms, Counter-Strike, half-life and Team half-life series Fortress Classic.
  • Pistols and Women - News, members, forum, chatroom, and downloads. Plays half-life Counter-Strike and clans and guilds Firearms.
  • Barstow Knight Multi-Mod Clan - With members list, rules, mods list, maps and clans and guilds downloads.
  • The S-Mart Half-Life Clan - Plays DoD, Counter-Strike and action Half-Life clan, S-Mart.
  • House of Painful Enlightenment - A clan dedicated more to fun than skill.
  • Son's of Liberty Battle Grounds Clan - Clan for the Revolutionery War Half-Life modification.
  • Halflife Clan Collision League - European deathmatch league, currently inactive. History, rules, and forum.
  • Silent Clan - Plays Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, and Opposing Force.
  • X-treme-OZ - News, forums, member roster, screenshots and downloads. Plays Firearms, Counter-Strike and OZ Deathmatch.
  • Blade Runner Clan - Includes forums, a roster, and maps. [Registration required for some clans and guilds content].
  • Talk is Cheap - Member roster, rules, downloads, server information, and forums. Plays deathmatch, Team Fortress Classic, and Counter-Strike.
  • Clan SLP - News, downloads, information, and member list.
  • WildCards - News, member roster, pictures, and forums. Plays half-life Half-Life and clans and guilds Firearms.
  • Avatars of Stupidity - Plays Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat. Offers public servers and hosts LAN parties in southern England. Also offers maps and add-ons for download.
  • The Hive Clan - News, member roster, information, and screenshots. Plays half-life Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike.
  • Revenge Is Our Trademark - RIOT is a clan for the Half-Life modification Action Half-Life half-life series and seeks fair play and fun.
  • AZN Clan - Member roster and screenshots. Plays Half-Life and half-life series Counter-Strike.
  • Joker Clan - Member roster and forums. Plays Opposing Force and Counter-Strike.
  • Nigtmare Elite - Plays Science and Industry. Site contains news, half-life series roster, clans and guilds and scores.
  • Mind Killers - Playing the Earth Special Forces modification. Includes rosters, forums, and a recruitment form.

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