Counter-Strike Half-Life Half-Life Series Shooter

Counter-Strike is a modification of Sierra's hit shooter Half-Life. It modifies the multiplayer aspects of Half-Life to bring a more team-oriented gameplay. Counter-Strike features a counter-terrorist vs. terrorist experience. Submissions for sites under construction will be DELETED. Sites in this category must be in English. Please do NOT submit CS clan sites here. CS clan sites belong in the clan subcategory.

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  • Neoseeker - Offers cheats, guides and FAQs for the game modification.
  • - Offers review, preview, cheats, screen shots, and news.
  • Web Resource - Weapons, items, maps, skins, screenshots, and frequently asked questions.
  • Oyabun's Forum - Information, guides, art, and screen shots.
  • Xi0 - Includes roster, downloads, and recruitment information.
  • Steam - Counter-Strike - Steam network enabled release of the game. Includes screenshots and different packages that can be purchased online.
  • - Offers sample configuration files, information on console commands, half-life series tutorials, counter-strike and server lists.
  • UKTerrorist - News from a UK viewpoint. Contains regular half-life series articles, half-life series interviews, guides, forums, links, and downloads.
  • - Game features, articles, and screen shots.
  • FrozenShock - Endeavoring to expand into the largest gaming community half-life in Counter-Strike. Server information and rules, player statistics, half-life and forums.
  • CS-Nation - Fan site featuring articles, interviews, strategies, guides, FAQs, half-life series images, half-life chat, and news.
  • Counter Strike Strats - Provides strategy and tactics information. Also offers news, various maps, and server configuration files.
  • IGN - Offers cheats, reviews, movies, screenshots. [Xbox]
  • FilePlanet - Contains many files, including bots, skins, updates, and scripts.
  • Planet Counter Strike - Includes maps, weapon information, cheats, and skins.
  • LP Arena - Strategies, wallpapers, console commands, server directories.
  • FUBAR141s Website - Features links, chat and resources. Free updated server half-life browser and navigator also available.
  • Counter-Strike Planet - Offers news, skins, maps, downloads, forums, and hints.

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