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See Also:
  • Planet Half-Life: A study in popularity - Reviewed by: Ian "Jabberwocky" Hamilton, "Why has counter-strike the mod half-life overshadowed all the others?" (March 3, counter-strike 2000)
  • Games-Fusion - Review of Xbox version by Adam Hall, with screen shots. Score: 3.5/5
  • Gamespot: Half-Life: Counter-Strike - Coverage of the modification including review, previews, screen shots, news, reviews and previews downloads and discussion forum.
  • - Reviewed by Ryan O\\'Donnell (4/5). "The world\\'s most popular online reviews and previews shooter hits the console market and gives Xbox Live users reviews and previews something to cheer about." Includes screen shots. [Xbox]
  • Gaming Nexus - Reviewed by Charles Husemann (7.9/10). "...[A] solid Xbox counter-strike FPS but reviews and previews the game is starting to show counter-strike it’s age." Includes screen reviews and previews shots. [Xbox]
  • - Review of Xbox version, by Sam Gibson. Includes reviews and previews half-life screen shots. Score: 88%.
  • GameZone - Reviewed by Eduardo Zacarias (8/10). "While not as reviews and previews perfect as many of the recent squad-based first-person reviews and previews shooters out there, Counter-Strike on the Xbox will reviews and previews still please those long-time fans of the game." reviews and previews Includes screen shots.[Xbox]
  • Worthplaying - Review of Xbox version, with screen shots. Score: counter-strike 8 out of 10.

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