Bots Modifications and Add-Ons Counter-Strike Half-Life

This category is for sites in English for bots, or AI players, for Counter-Strike, the Half-Life modification. Sites in other languages must be submitted in the appropriate World subcategory. All submission descriptions must be free from self-aggrandizing hype. Any such language will be either immediately removed or your submission will be deleted. Please do not submit clans with the title in the form of "Clan Blahblah" under the letter "C" as half the sites would end up under that subcategory.

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See Also:
  • RealBot - Open source project that adds computer opponents to modifications and add-ons Counter-Strike. Includes screenhsots, a forum and additional waypoint modifications and add-ons files.
  • Podbot Waypoints - Offers downloadable waypoints for the POD bot.
  • HPB Bot - Includes information about the bots, projects, downloads, FAQs, bots SDK, development, counter-strike waypoint files, forum, and links.
  • Federal Bots - Everything for Counter Strike Bots, more than 700 modifications and add-ons Maps and a CS Bot Waypoint Archive.
  • PLBot - News, information, download, and links.

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