Modifications and Add-Ons Quake II Quake Series Shooter

Server-side mod which completely removes all items from the game. The server controls which weapons all players have, making the game play emphasize fighting skills.

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  • Jake2 - The Quake 2 engine ported to Java. quake series Includes modifications and add-ons screenshots, downloads and progress reports.
  • Roll Your Own - A program designed to create mods. Includes downloads, a forum quake ii and mod information.
  • Quake2 Cluster Project - Project to develop a common API among Q2 mods. Includes downloads and a mailing list.
  • Vortex - Deathmatch and Capture the flag where players build a character quake series by gaining experience points.
  • Weapons of Destruction Xtreme - mod with customizable weapons and powerups
  • - OpenGL-only engine modification designed to improve the game with technologies such as shaders and advanced particle effects.
  • Weapons of Destruction Info Page - Information and FAQ for "Weapons of Destruction", a quake series Quake 2 modification.
  • R1CH's Quake 2 MODs - Includes project information and downloads.
  • Q-Racing - Race Micro Machines cars.
  • Quake2 COOP or DIE - Multiplayer Quake2 cooperative mode with monsters, online account and persistant data.
  • TagYerIt: One Against Many - A server-side deathmatch mod. Includes mod information and modifications and add-ons downloads.
  • R1Q2 - Engine modification focusing on providing a secure, stable quake series and quake ii high performance client and server.
  • Mod Central - Includes mod news, reviews, interviews, and guides.
  • QPong - A modification based on Pong. Includes downloads, screenshots and a forum.
  • Planetgloom - Includes maps, downloads and a forum.
  • Bot _Leaders Quake 2 Help Site - Help site, downloads and cheats.
  • Window Of Retaliation - New episode for Quake2. Includes 9 new modifications and add-ons levels, new weapons, some new enemies and a modifications and add-ons few puzzles. Can also be played in modifications and add-ons DM.
  • The Gloom Map Depository - Maps, information, news, and reviews.
  • Lair of Doodle Dang Wang - Includes modifications and maps.
  • anticheat - An anti-cheating system for Quake II designed to quake ii stop all known hacks. Works with three popular quake ii Quake II clients to provide a fair gaming quake ii environment for everyone.
  • QBism - Modifies Quake 2 source code via the QFusion project. Uses Quake 3 format media maps, models, and shaders.
  • Lithium II - A server-side mod. Includes downloads, news, a FAQ modifications and add-ons quake ii and a web board.
  • NIQ (No Item Quake) - Server-side mod which completely removes all items from the game. quake series The server controls which weapons all players have, making quake series the game play emphasize fighting skills.
  • Action Quake 2: The Next Generation - One of the most used Action Quake2 variant in Europe and Australia/New Zealand. Successor of the German PGBund Edition and the British Barrysworld Millennium variant.

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