Capture the Flag Modifications and Add-Ons Quake II Quake Series

Capture The Flag is a type of play where players are divided into two teams. Each team has a flag located in a spot on the level, considered that team's "base", and their goal is to enter the other team's base, grab their flag, and return it to their own base and touch their own flag. This gives them a capture, and the team with the most captures wins.

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  • Frag_Garden Quake Server and Files - Announcements for Frag_Garden server. Also contains downloads quake ii for modifications and add-ons Threewave CTF maps for 3.01 and 4.0 quake ii as well modifications and add-ons as quake utilities such as qcc, quake ii quakeme, alien quake, modifications and add-ons fix sigsev, and the quake quake ii exe patch to 1.06.

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