Modifications and Add-Ons Quake III Arena Quake Series Shooter

Conversions and Modifications : These are add-on and changes to the current Quake 3 Game. These conversions or modifications change the type of gameplay from new weapons, to new armor, and then to knew maps.Fragging - Fragging is killing the opponent, the point where he loses all of his weapons, and you gain a point.

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See Also:
  • Urban Terror - Total conversion based on real world weapons and realistic settings. modifications and add-ons News, downloads and screenshots.
  • SuperHeroes Arena - News, modification information, forums, and screenshots.
  • White Tiger's - Pictures, server list, commands, tweaking, tactics and scripts.
  • Bid For Power: Ultimate Quake 3 Mod - Fan page for "Bid for Power", a DBZ mod. Message board, chat room, information, and screenshots.
  • Mage Legend:Fortress of Darkness - A single-player total conversion for Q3A by PrSoftware. modifications and add-ons quake series News, screenshots, downloads, forums, links.
  • Reaction Quake 3 - A direct-as-possible port of Action Quake 2 (AQ2) to Q3A
  • Requiem - Includes new weapons, runes, and armor.
  • True Combat - Real world weapons is only the beginning for modifications and add-ons modifications and add-ons this mod. News, downloads, forums, screenshots.
  • Western Q3 - Total conversion intended to be a realistic simulation of the "Old West's" great atmosphere.
  • Navy Seals: Quake 3 - A realistic simulator for military warfare under different conditions and in different environments. News and screenshots.
  • [a division of FSK405] - Information regarding the FSK405 Q3 Urban Terror game quake series servers. modifications and add-ons Also includes general Q3UT information, forums and quake series statistics.
  • Quake 3 MultiMod - A plugin manager for Quake 3 that sits modifications and add-ons between the Q3 engine and the actual game modifications and add-ons mod to allow pseudo-mods to be dynamically loaded modifications and add-ons adding new functionality to a Quake 3 Mod. modifications and add-ons Similar to MetaMod for HalfLife.
  • Urban TerroristZ - Fan and news site with community interviews, tactical guides, game quake iii arena servers, and map downloads.
  • PainKeep Arena - Quake3Arena mod from Team Evolve.
  • NoGhost Mod - Mod supporting freezetag, lastmanstanding, and muckleball, amongst other modifications and add-ons quake series server-sided configurable options, like turrets, decoys, and timeouts.

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