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Webpages for conversion and mod development teams.

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  • Warbird Productions - Creators of Pandemonium and Bazooka Quake.
  • Fountainhead Entertainment - Creators of the Sidrial total conversion.
  • COR Entertainment - Creators of the upcoming Alteria mod. News, forum, screenshots.
  • Explosive Design - Creators of the Dark Ages total conversion
  • Magic Studios - Creators of the Close Quarters Battles total conversion.
  • GreenHouseEFX - Creators of the Coliseum2 and Greed mods. modifications and add-ons News, screenshots, downloads, reviews, tutorials, forums.
  • Roseville Missions - Creators of the Half Dead map pack. development teams News, modifications and add-ons downloads, screenshots.
  • Milk Industries - Creators of Classis Quake Arena and the upcoming modifications and add-ons Quake3: World of Hate mods. News, downloads, modifications and add-ons screenshots.
  • Wirehead Studios - A development team with many projects including Blast modifications and add-ons Arena, Generations, Sliders, Milieu, and BFG10k Arena. modifications and add-ons News, information, forums, downloads.
  • AZ Development - Creators of the Powerpillz mod.
  • Black Knight Productions - Creators of the Prisoners of War mod.

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