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Tribes 2* - Official site.

  • Loki - Linux port of the game.
  • Milky's T2 Newbie Guide and Forums - Guide for new players including weapons, vehicles, tactics and strategies.
  • Tribes 2 Annoying Bastard Guide, The - A guide with a collection of dirty tricks.
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  • Tribes 2 - Interviews, screenshots, news, and links.
  • Planet Starsiege: Tribes 2 - In-depth information including links, reviews, screenshots, and history tribes 2 of tribes games the Dynamix first person shooter.
  • Gamespot - Offers review, previews, news, patches, movies, cheats and hints, and screen shots.
  • Tribes 2 Chest - Media, polls, chat room, forum and links. Includes game tribes 2 play, media, armor, weapons, vehicles, maps and screen shots.

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