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Reviewed by: Omni, "There is a story thrown into Tribes 2 but it's pointless and only acts to set the tone of the game." [7.9/10]

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  • - [8/10] Review with screen shots. "In short, then, you should tribes 2 buy this game, and if you play anything online this tribes 2 year, make it Tribes 2."
  • GamePro - [4/5] Review with screen shots and system requirements. "If you\\'re patient and spend a good amount of time playing against the AI bots, your enjoyment of Tribes 2 will increase tenfold."
  • Game Revolution - [B] Review with screen shots. "Tribes 2 delivers tribes 2 a reviews and previews unique and exciting brand of aerial, online tribes 2 mayhem."
  • FiringSquad - [90%] Review by Jakub Wojnarowicz with screen shots. tribes 2 "New weapons, new vehicles, amazing graphics, stunning sound, tribes 2 and gameplay that really encourages's almost perfect!"
  • GameOver - [95%] Review with screen shots. "Redefines the team-based warfare genre tribes 2 with its vehicle combat, high-adrenaline missions, and mind-blowing graphics that tribes 2 will have you drooling over your keyboard, while dodging spinfusor tribes 2 discs."
  • The Electric Playground - [9/10] Review by Brian Gladman. "I\\'m hooked. It\\'s reviews and previews been a long while since I found myself reviews and previews staying up until 3:00 in the morning for reviews and previews days on end." Includes screen shots.
  • Amazingly fun. We're playing the hell out of it around work and home. - [8.9/10] Review by Steve Butts. "It\\'s not everything reviews and previews you\\'d hoped for, but it\\'s still the most reviews and previews intense multiplayer game out there."
  • GameSpy - [89/100] Review by Aaron "PharCyde" Butler. "It\\'s not tribes games perfect, tribes games but Dynamix\\'s fantastic return to the Tribes tribes games universe may tribes games very well end up the best tribes games multiplayer game of tribes games 2001."
  • GameZone - [9.3/10] Review by Kevin Krause. "Although it tribes 2 may take some getting used to the controls, tribes 2 [it] will provide you with endless hours of tribes 2 intense futuristic combat." Includes screen shots.
  • Action Trip: Tribes 2 Preview - Preview and screenshots.
  • Armchair Empire - Reviewed by: Omni, "There is a story thrown tribes 2 into Tribes 2 but it\\'s pointless and only tribes 2 acts to set the tone of the game." tribes 2 [7.9/10]
  • PC Gameworld - [95%] Review by Dave Ringelheim. "You won\\'t find a better tribes 2 team based action game on the market."
  • GameSpot - [8.5/10] Review by Sam Parker. "It\\'s with the tribes games large team games that Tribes 2 is really tribes games impressive. The scale of these games is unmatched; tribes games there will often be 40 to 60 (or tribes games even more) players on a single server."

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