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Modifications are add-ons to Unreal Tournament which allow players to experience different kinds of game styles.

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See Also:
  • - Contains map and mutator reviews, maps of severals different types, modifications and add-ons official files, tools, sounds, textures, and hacks.
  • GF-REX's Unreal Addiction - Collection of maps and mods designed for Unreal Tournament. The unreal tournament site contains many maps and a few modifications.
  • AntiShockHo - Server administrators\\' anti-cheat modification which detects cheat keybinds modifications and add-ons and actors.
  • Infiltration - Military-style modification.
  • Unreal Tournament Map Rating - Offers user-created maps with reviews. Also offers user unreal tournament series unreal tournament ratings.
  • PlanetJailbreak - Team-based modification where one must kill opponents to modifications and add-ons modifications and add-ons put them in jail.
  • Strontium Dog: Unreal Tournament - News, images and information chronicling the creation of a series of Strontium Dog themed add-ons for Unreal Tournament.
  • Marathon: Resurrection - Total conversion of Bungie's Marathon series video game.
  • Eavy's Unreal Tournament Mods - Downloads and information on a range of mods unreal tournament and modifications and add-ons mutators made by Eavy.

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