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See Also:
  • Super Shock Soldiers - Forums for discussion, recruitment, server information and clan history.
  • Thunderdome - Has multiple games servers, Insta DM, TAM, CTF. Provides news, forums and Teamspeak server information.
  • Apoc - Provides member information, screen shots, downloads and a public server.
  • Shooting Elite Xtremes - Forums for discussion, recruitment, member profiles and images.
  • CJB - Includes forums, clan rules, and a roster.
  • Kick Ass Cowboys - Includes clan rules and forums.
  • Drunken Ninja Monkeys - Includes rosters and Java chatroom.
  • Omnipotents - Includes forums, server information, player statistics, and a unreal tournament 2004 roster.
  • Evolved Systems - Includes a roster, forum, image gallery, command list and tweaking unreal tournament 2004 guide.

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