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  • Norn Forest - Contains a genetic breed and an agent for C3/DS
  • D-Norn-A - Original agents, utilities, adoptions and genetic references.
  • Darcie's Creatures 3 - Breed directory. Agents including pokemon pack.
  • Bodale's Big Blue Dot - Chat, forums, message board, C3/DS downloads, and game tips.
  • The Norngarden - A new area for C3 and DS with new agents god games and breeds. Now has version 2.0
  • Alien's Creatures World - Complete guide to every aspect of DS, in both English creatures series and German.
  • Pjstaab's Creatures - Adoptions, breeds and genomes. Home of the Social ChiChis.
  • Sylv's Artificial Life for Linux - Agents, breeds, developer tools, and information on installing DS for Linux with C3 and breed packs.
  • Mirality Systems: Creatures - Offers a small number of unique C3/DS developer creatures series tools and agents, such as Revelation and GenSplit.
  • Tina's C3 Homepage - Information and downloads for C3 agents, genetics and eggs.
  • C3-DS-Tools - Home of EasyPRAY, EasyATT, the C16 plug-in for creatures 3 and god games docking station Gimp and other useful developer tools for C3 creatures god games 3 and docking station and DS under Windows and Linux.
  • Boomwolf's Creatures World - Contains information about wolfing runs.
  • LiveGMS - LiveGMS is an online gene editor for C3/DS. god games You creatures series can load, edit and save genomes, or god games sign them creatures series with a watermark.
  • Jessica's Creatures 3 - Free downloads, agents (COBs), norn breeds, custom norns, ettins, grendels and tips, cheats and treats.
  • Emmental's Docking Station Agents - DS agents, news, forum, and links.
  • Grendel Overground - Objects and codes for Creatures 3 and Docking creatures series Station, creatures 3 and docking station by Creature Labs' Mark Ashton.
  • The High Tech Hand - Includes a wide range of very useful original creatures series C3/DS god games agents.
  • Creature Mine - Hosts C3 and DS agents, breeds, and adoptions.
  • TwilightCat's Agents - Includes adoptions and links.

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