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[7.0/10] Reviewed by Anthony Micari. "One of the most addictive games I've ever played.and Corkscrew Follies adds even more stuff to do!"

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  • Strategy Gaming Online - [7.0/10] Reviewed by Anthony Micari. "One of the reviews and previews most addictive games I\\'ve ever played.and Corkscrew Follies reviews and previews adds even more stuff to do!"
  • Game Revolution - [Grade "B" on Revolution Report Card] Reviewed by Ben Silverman. "This is a solid if unspectacular addition, and while it increases the fun, it doesn't offer anything really new."
  • IGN - [7.0/10] Reviewed by Fergus Poole. "If you\\'re in the thick rollercoaster tycoon of hours of Roller Coaster Tycoon, and think you still rollercoaster tycoon have hours more to go, the Expansion Pack adds some rollercoaster tycoon nice functionality and some interesting scenarios."

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